Cacao Ceremony

I had the honor of studying the Mayan Cosmovision and the significance, cultivation and intentional way of sharing Cacao in ceremony under Tata Izaias and Nana Izabel of Lavalove Cacao in April 2022 at Lake Atitlán, Guatemaya. As wisdom keepers and healers working to preserve their Mayan traditions, they are graciously sharing their knowledge of the Mayan Cosmovision, ceremonial etiquette, and magic of Mama Cacao's mission to open the hearts of all and bring humans back into balance with nature.

The Cacao ceremony as taught from this lineage lasts about three hours and involves working with the gentle and heart opening medicine of Cacao, the purest form of chocolate. Cacao opens us to work with the Nahuales or energies/stars of the day, which are interpreted to guide the group through a journey deeper into themselves and Mother Earth. Songs, instruments, offerings, and more are incorporated into the ceremony. Each ceremony is unique and personal in its own way by engaging with the Nahuales of the day and the participants who come with their intentions and offerings.

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